Why the SUKAD Way?

Why the SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects

SUKAD endeavors to advance the practice of Project Management.

SUKAD mission is to emphasize the role of project management as an agent of change that enables organizations to enhance their performance through using proper strategic Project Management practices. Further, our mission also emphasizes that project management is a catalyst for the development of individuals, organizations, and nations. This mindset is critical to our existence and it is why we put it as an integral part of our mission statement.

SUKAD recognizes that one of the challenges in enhancing performance is the over-dependence on “common practices” that are “sold” as “best practices,” and with an overemphasis on certifications. Although certifications are valuable, it is our professional opinion that certifications are not enough. Certifications do not empower most of their holders to be proactive enough to enable an effective change in organizational performance.

With the above in mind, we realize that we have a dual responsibility.

  1. Our first responsibility is towards the practice of project management, our core competence, and passion.
  2. Also, we do have an ethical responsibility to deliver to our customers the best services possible that are no less than world-class.

With such responsibilities, we made the strategic decision back in 2007 to accentuate research and development and to diversify our offerings of leading practices.

SUKAD drive toward excellence in service distinction as what led to The SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects.